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Title: Remote Marketer


We are looking for passionate Marketing professionals who would help to drive the sales of our latest product Bloc ( is a remote position as we are a fully remote company.

We are a team of passionate, talented, data-driven & mission focused individuals who believe that work should be enjoyable while you focus on your core competence.

Our mission at De Sync Centre Ltd ( is to keep adding to the advancement of humanity by providing solutions to everyday challenges using Science and Technology. That is what led to the development of Bloc. A security first solution that helps estates manage residents while securing their communities.


  1. Market our solution to estates

  2. Help estate leaders understand why they need Bloc

  3. Design and implement effective marketing strategies to sell our products or adjust existing ones for clients’ suitability.

  4. Contact potential clients and create rapport by networking, cold calling, using referrals etc.

  5. Tell stories that inspire passion and amplify our product in a way that resonates with Estate leaders and decision makers

  6. Helping estate managers to understand that Bloc enhances personnel’s work rather than replaces them

  7. Establish yourself as an expert and thought leader by developing deep knowledge of our product, industry, client needs, market trends, and competitive landscape

  8. Present and demo our product to prospective clients and partners;maintain accurate lead and account records adhering to all required processes and workflows

  9. Cultivate ongoing client relationships, be empathetic to client needs, and provide an outstanding client experience

  10. Understand client challenges and goals in order to facilitate client success

  11. Evangelize on social media and actively participate in relevant conversations on blogs, forums, and other technical communities

  12. Act as a liaison between clients and internal teams to effectively communicate product feedback

  13. Participate with leadership in the strategic development of initiatives to identify product enhancements which may improve client appeal, process flow, overall industry reputation, and financial performance

  14. Prioritize tasks to meet business goals, grow the client base, and complete other tasks as assigned in a timely and accurate manner;attention to detail is key

  15. Communicate in a timely manner internally and externally


  • 2+ years experience in technical sales or product evangelism

  • Proven record of explaining new, disruptive solutions — both the strategic benefits and practical use cases

  • Good presentation skills

  • Sales and marketing material design skills

  • Experience with Productivity Apps (e.g., Docs, Google Drive, Gmail,PowerPoint)

  • Good use of communication tools such as Email, Skype / Zoom /Hangout / WhatsApp etc.

Note:Marketing Interns can also apply to learn and hone critical careers kills.

Bonus Skills

  • Digital marketing skills


  • Reliable high-speed internet access

On-boarding Process and Growth

  • Application Review

  • Short Interview (Online)

  • Once you scale our screening process, you are expected to prove yourself as a value giver by bringing in new estates.

  • You would earn 15% commission on each estate you bring.

  • After demonstrating competence by bringing in 10 estates, you would be placed on a salary in addition to your commission.

  • Once you demonstrate greater value, you would be promoted to higher levels of responsibility such as Coordinator, State / Regional Manager role etc. which have other benefits. (We put great value on the career growth of our team members)

Equal Opportunity

We are an equal opportunity employer that not only supports diversity, but aims to embed it in our DNA. We encourage all qualified candidate to apply.

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